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SEATTLE –After weeks of tense and raucous meetings, the seattle city council has approved a tax on the city’s large businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks to raise money to fight homelessness..

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In 2016, San Francisco voted (paywall) for Proposition J to fund homelessness and transit programs with a higher sales tax hike, yet rejected its companion proposition to actual raise the tax (San.

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Voters in San Francisco backed a plan to tax rich companies to help the homeless. doubling its current budget to fight homelessness. Prop C entered the national spotlight when big-name tech.

A young tech worker created "Snapcrap" – an app. to put a measure on the city’s Nov. 6 ballot that would tax hundreds of San Francisco’s wealthiest companies to help thousands of homeless and.

A ballot initiative backed by at least one top CEO is the latest battle. The San Francisco measure is different in that it would levy the tax mostly.

Voters in San Francisco backed a plan to tax rich companies to help the homeless. The city-wide ballot measure called Proposition C passed by a wide margin: 60% to 40%. It will be the largest tax.

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San Francisco’s big business tax to fight homelessness is a warning for tech. By Michael J. Coren November 9, 2018.. Of course, such measures tax more than just tech companies.

In California’s case, tech companies have a lot, and some business groups fear tax hikes could force them to relocate.

Salesforce founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff is putting his money behind a lobbying push to impose a new tax on big companies that would raise money to help San Francisco’s homeless. The software mogul.

In a shortsighted effort to fight homelessness, Seattle’s city council has approved a new employee "head tax" on companies based in the city. The policy pits growth and progress against each other in a zero-sum game that will do far more harm than good.

The Seattle City Council has approved a tax on big companies like Amazon and Starbucks to fight against homelessness. The council on Monday unanimously endorsed a commitment tax plan that will charge large businesses around $ 275 per full-time worker per year. It is less than the tax of $ 500 per worker initially proposed.