Flag Luxury Lands Equity Partner for $508M NYC Project

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Bruce Batkin, the co-founder of Terra Capital Partners, a New York-based real estate capital management firm, told The Real Deal that the flood of maturities. mezzanine loans and preferred equity.

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Flag Luxury Group has found a new equity partner for its Manhattan hotel project, The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad. EB5 Capital made a $125 million preferred equity investment in the 250-key luxury.

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(GlobeNewswire) – EB5 Capital announced its $125 million preferred equity investment in Flag Luxury Groups Ritz-Carlton hotel project in NoMad was finalized and executed last week. Flag Luxury and EB5 Capital have come to full agreement on terms, with all deal documents signed for this much-anticipated hotel project.

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EB5 Capital’s term with the sponsor began on February 28th, 2019, with EB5 Capital advancing their first funds to the project last month. "We’re excited to officially announce EB5 Capital as a signed partner in this flagship Ritz-Carlton hotel project in New York City," said Angelique Brunner, EB5 Capital’s President.

One luxury. doesn’t matter if the project will be built in, say, Beverly Hills. One of two possible TEAs that would qualify the Waldorf-Astoria Beverly Hills for EB-5 funding. (Kriston Capps/Mark.

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The development of the 168-key, 26-story AC Marriott in Manhattan-the world’s tallest modular hotel-is moving forward thanks to a $65 million construction loan from AVANA Capital. According.