Multifamily Financing’s Endurance Test

50% Test. To be eligible for full 4% LIHTC, the Borrower must finance at least 50% of basis in land and buildings with volume limited tax-exempt private activity bonds under Section 142(d) and keep these outstanding until the project’s placed-in-service date (receipt of certificate of occupancy for new construction or

For a number of years, the IRS Office of Tax-Exempt Bonds ("TEB") has expressed concerns about potential tax abuses that may exist in what it has characterized as "developer-driven deals" involving the use of tax-exempt bonds. TEB has generally used this term to describe tax increment financings.

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Norris was also one of the leading architects of the tax-exempt short-term cash-backed bond structure which has been combined, since 2008, with low-rate taxable FHA insured, rural development, and certain Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans to satisfy the 50% test to prime 4% low income housing tax credits on hundreds of financings throughout the.

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The Multifamily Loan Program provides a variety of affordable financing options to multifamily property owners and developers to assist in the preservation of.

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Multifamily Financing’s Endurance Test. The strong multifamily market is fueling competition in the lending environment, with an abundance of new players and extended services from life companies.

Life companies are still under-allocated to the multi-family sector in the billions, estimated Brian Casey, managing director and head of real estate debt strategies of MetLife Inc., in responding.