This Little-Known Trump-Soros Connection Will Surprise You

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Do you know that there is a financial connection between Trump and Soros back in 2004: This Little-Known Trump-Soros Connection Will Surprise You and Did George Soros free Donald Trump of a $312 million debt?. soros lent trump money, and eventually, the loan was forgiven.

Trump = Soros Puppet anonymous 10/07/18 (sun) 21:45:09 66071f No. 12250230 In 2004, George Soros made a $160 million loan to Donald Trump to build Trump Tower in Chicago. The $160 million Soros investment came in the form of a so-called "mezzanine loan."

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Topeka Man Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud Essex Financial Group names Cooper Williams as its new president Directors / Officers.. TD Bank Group William E. Bennett Chair, Auditor Jim Peterson Executive Vice President and Head of Consumer Product and Marketing Manjit Singh Executive Vice President, Finance, and chief financial officer gregory smith Executive Vice President and Head,Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to New York state criminal charges – Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pleaded not guilty Thursday afternoon to mortgage. in Virginia of eight.

Welcome to Reddit, Trump also has a slew of rape and sexual abuse allegations against him, some of them from children. One of these allegations that went to court was against a 13 year old girl, and allegedly took place at one of Jeffery Epstein’s properties. Epstein is a convicted pedophile and long friend of Trump’s.

Unless of course this was taken out of context and whoever made this doesn’t want you to know about it. Again, how fucking stupid do you think people are to believe a progressive, philanthropic Jewish-Hungarian not only worked for the nazis, but also goes on record saying he loved it? Quite frankly it’s insulting. Sources:

A battle cry has been issued against our new president by arguably the world’s most evil villain: billionaire financier george soros. At a recent meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros told a crowd of wealthy politicians and corporate heads that he plans to "take down President Trump" in order to usher in a "financial armageddon" that fits his plans for a.