Two years ago, 1,129 people died in a Bangladesh factory collapse. The problems still haven’t been fixed.

Two years ago, 1,129 people died in a Bangladesh factory collapse. The problems still haven’t been fixed The Washington Post | Lydia DePillis, April 24, 2015. What’s changed since Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza fell? Bloomberg Asia | April 24, 2015. Hope emerges from tragedy two years after Rana Plaza The Hill | Ellen Tauscher, April 24, 2015.

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The TUC has spoken out on the second anniversary of the disaster, in which 1,134 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured on 24 April 2013. General secretary Frances O’Grady said: "It is shameful that two years after the Rana Plaza factory collapsed, some companies still have not donated adequately to the compensation fund.

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One year later factory collapse in Bangladesh remembered – On the one-year anniversary of the devastating garment factory collapse in Bangladesh which took the lives of 1 129 people dozens of elected officials labor union representatives and membe.

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r/worldnews Two years ago, 1,129 people died in a Bangladesh factory collapse. The problems still haven’t been fixed. The problems still haven’t been fixed. ( )

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The worst companies exploit cheap labour under appalling working conditions sometimes with disastrous results as we saw in Bangladesh when a factory collapsed killing 1,129 people. Legislation is hard won and slow to implement and resisted by those whose interests are served by cheap, insecure, labour.

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