Why Erdogan’s big ambitions could come tumbling down

8 days ago · Those are, for now, due in 2023 but are widely expected to come earlier after the AKP’s crushing defeat. Why Erdogan’s big ambitions could come tumbling down Vultures are already circling, with Mr Erdogan’s predecessor as President preparing to launch a breakaway party, as is.

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Erdogan disputes Turkey poll results in big cities The ruling party alleged that votes were stolen and many ballot box observers did not have official approval,

Will he claim a mandate to push state government down a centrist path that includes Medicaid. Any lingering discord could have national consequences come the presidential election. Kasich’s.

When Britain voted narrowly to leave the European Union few could have. was harder to pin down. The European economy had already been growing fast in the post-war years before the union started to.

Could I have a Trump sandwich with a side of Soros, please? Since adding H.R. McMaster to the administration, Trump and the national security advisor have had their ideological differences. Now, Breitbart has revealed that McMaster was recently employed at a think tank with ties to hungarian billionaire george soros, one of the biggest opponents of President Trump’s agenda.

EVER since May 7 when the mighty Free National Movement (FNM) came tumbling down, the name Hubert. It is a wonder why no one followed his lead. Prior to the election, I understand, he had.

Why Erdogan's big Turkish ambitions could come tumbling down. – image copyright getty images image caption For the past 16 years President Erdogan has championed construction projects as an engine

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption For the past 16 years President Erdogan has championed construction projects as an engine

Perhaps even as a child I knew something big was happening. Maybe I could sense the significance of that event. but it only takes one time for all that you’ve worked to build to come tumbling down.

Contractors were quizzed on a recent afternoon about why the water level was so low in a hillside storage tank. Then he wondered what to do if big rocks again come tumbling down the hillside..

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Paxex Forum / General / News / Why Erdogan’s big Turkish ambitions could come tumbling down Why Erdogan’s big Turkish ambitions could come tumbling down The crater is the size of a football pitch, dug 50 metres (165ft) deep into the earth.

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